Community Services in East Palo Alto, California

Learn about the board members, directors, and management team of East Palo Alto & Belle Haven Chamber of Commerce. This dream team of board members works together to provide reliable community services. Members include:

Patrick Brock • President & Chairman of the Board
Nathaniel Basola Sobayo   • Vice President of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Chester Prince • Founding Board Member
Christopher F. Wuillemin • Founding Board Member
JT Turner • Founding Board Member
Court Skinner • Founding Board Member
David Woods • East Palo Alto City Councilman Observer, Vice Mayor
Larry Moody • East Palo Alto Councilman Observer
Owen Byrd • Attorney at Law & General Counsel
Sobrato Organization • First Grand Patron
Rubin Abrica      • East Palo Alto City Councilman Observer, Mayor
Lisa Yarbrough –Gauthier • Councilwoman Observer
Vacant Position • Councilwoman Observer
Business Meeting, Community Services in East Palo Alto, CA

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