Tourism Services & Business Advocacy in East Palo Alto, California

East Palo Alto & Belle Haven Chamber of Commerce in East Palo Alto, California, helps the community thrive through tourism services and business advocacy. Our community services help others enhance their lives.

Advocacy & Solicitation

Our company offers advocacy and solicitation for those that feel they don't have a voice in their community or government. Advocating constitutional rights, we help organizations achieve goals in every area of business. This involves human resources, financial resources, material resources, and public relations at large.

Business & Professional Advocacy

Without professional people and successful businesses, jobs are not created and communities don't thrive. We encourage successful wellbeing, as it helps boost our local economy. Working to develop small, medium, and big businesses, we want people to get involved in the information age, helping them become more innovative. Our professionals teach new ways to offer traditional services.

Tourism Center & Information Services

Development of a tourism center is greatly encouraged by our company. We want people to travel to other cities, states, and countries to learn about new cultures, customs, and values. Traveling and sightseeing builds life skills and are great forms of education.

Visit other places by means of internet, plane, and boat for pleasure and business. Travel to our community to explore the area and see how we live. Experience wonderful activities like hiking, sightseeing, backpacking, camping, and enjoying great entertainment and food. With many entertainers in the area, you will see great musicians and artists. Enjoy blues festivals, great jazz music, popular music, and R&B.

Beach Scene, Business Advocacy in East Palo Alto, CA

Our community has areas near the coast and forests, providing everything nature has to offer. In addition, we have tour buses to Las Vegas and Reno for a weekend getaway. Meet new people and widen your horizons to get an integrated view of existence. Travel virtually, and then go there in person. You will achieve what God intended for you by doing what makes you happy in life, and by helping others.

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